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The Theory test is an essential part of your driving test. You will not be able to sit your Practical test until you have completed and passed the theory.


I will give you as much help as I can to pass the theory tests should you require it.


The theory test comes in two parts:-


The Theory Test & The Hazard Perception Test


To pass you must be successful in both parts on the same day.


The Theory Test

The first part requires that you answer 50 multiple choice questions on a variety of different subjects. You have 57 minutes to complete the theory test and must score a minimum of 43 out of 50 to pass.


There is a new part to the theory test now, which is a case study.  You will watch a short video and answer three questions based upon this video.


The Hazard Perception Test

The second part is the hazard perception test. This part is 14 one minute video clips, showing rolling road scenes to which you will be required to pick out a developing hazard (something that will make you change speed or direction). 13 of the video clips have one hazard, the 14th clip will have two. As soon as the hazard is spotted click the mouse and a score is registered. A maximum of 5 points is available for each clip, the longer you take to react to the hazard the less you score. You MUST score 44 out of 75 to pass this part.


To practice your theory on-line click on the link below:-



You must pass your theory test before you can apply for a practical test.


The theory test is run by Pearson’s VUE on behalf of the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and can be booked in different ways:-


You can call on 0300 200 1122

You can fill out an application form (available at your local test centre or any main post office)

Or you can book online using the following link:-


 Book Theory Test online


Or to change your booking...


Change Theory Test online



For more information please contact Lee on 07852 158 168